Let there be Balance, harmony & tranquility
In your home…..

Decorating is not just about choosing colors and accessories, it’s about a feeling.

How will my client feel in the space once it has been redecorated?

Will they feel inspired and creative; peaceful & relaxed; like a professional chef, or in an exclusive spa?

How will the child feel in their newly decorated room?

Will they feel a magical essence that will inspire endless hours of imagination?

Will the teenager invite all their friends over to hang out in the coolest room in the neighborhood?

How will your guest feel in your newly decorated guest room?

Will they feel like a guest in a European bed and breakfast?

Or, will You want to move into your guest room?

My projects are often enhanced with accessories that tantalize your five senses….Mood lighting, Water fountains, Lush Green Plants, Wind Chimes and Scented candles.

My Goals:
***To decorate or recreate your space in a most cost effective manner***To get to know you and to decorate your space according to your style, not mine***To use as much as your furniture and personal items as possible – if you’d like***

I have a relaxed approach – never intimidating. I will make suggestions, you will make the decisions. I will approach your project with the care and attention that I put into decorating my own home.

Cost & How my services work:
I charge an hourly consultation fee for an In-home visit. You can have a task list for us to tackle, or a specific project. I can answer questions or guide your do-it-yourself projects. I do require a one hour minimum, after the one hour, I bill in 15 minute increments.

Often the project requires that I do work “off-site” that will be considered billable hours. This, of course is discussed in advance. I charge hourly which allows you to shop for the best buys – I make no commission where you choose to shop.

Should you shop at Floor Craze, I will give you the best pricing I can offer, (not offered to the public). I do offer a shopping service in which I can shop for you; or I can shop with you. My fee is $95. per hour which currently, for a limited time only, is on special for $75. per hour.



I have twelve years of retail flooring and decorating experience . I feel that my solid background in flooring is so important as a decorator because flooring and wall tile are some of the most permanent decisions you will make.

I am confident in assisting you with those permanent decisions. Flooring mistakes and wall tile mistakes are not only costly but affect the future resale value of your home. You could spend over $1,000 for wall to wall carpet that looks great in your family room but by not choosing the correct fiber, the rug could be worn in one year.

My twelve years in the field has allowed me the opportunity to build long-term relationships with experienced & reliable contractors, installers, and carpenters. I can coordinate something simple like crown molding, or coordinate a more difficult project such as a kitchen renovation.

I am confident that the contractors I refer to you, will provide you with the same work ethic and integrity that I possess.

In addition to my experience, my work associates, my creativeness and my passion for decorating, I am also experienced with Feng Shui – The Chinese Art of Placement. This is a complex art but, put simply, Feng Shui used as a decorating technique introduces balance, harmony, tranquility & energy flow to your home by placement of furniture and accessories.

I’ve taught several classes & seminars on the Principles of Feng Shui through many different adult education programs and at Cigna Insurance Company in Bloomfield. With Feng Shui you can also enhance different areas of your home which effect areas in your life, such as: career, travel, wealth, health, children and knowledge.

What can I help You With?:
No project is too small. I can help with color selections, planning backsplashes & tile bathrooms, bathroom/kitchen designs & installs, furniture placement, redesign using what you have, window treatments, choosing wall treatments, coordinating looks from room to room, real-estate readiness, choosing appropriate flooring, declutter & organizing, comprehensive room (decorate an entire room) Or an entire house, accessorizing, planning the perfect foyer, assist with decisions for your “do it yourself projects”, kitchen and bath remodel decisions, lighting choices, new construction décor decisions, shopping assistance, and much more……

- If I can’t help you, I’ll let you know!



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